What are your future plans and can I become an investor?
We open the first glamping in Georgia. The next country is likely to be Italy. We conduct negotiations already on allocation of land in the most picturesque places.
For those who want to come to our glamping, become an investor, or just follow the project, we would like to tell about our aims and development strategy.
Jewelberry is a network of autonomous, unusual and smart premium class glamping hotels with the possibility of quick launching of a unique all year round park anywhere in the world without major construction. We create comfortable basic camps and unusual routes for tourists preferring the high-level service and unique conditions. This is a premium class glamping.
Glamping — is the format of camping in nature with the hotel level comfort: comfortable accommodation with a soft bed and fireplace instead of a tent and sleeping bag; bathroom with all the modern amenities instead of going out of necessity to a forest; diversified cookery instead of canned food. Glamping is a pleasure for those who is able to afford the top grade recreation away from the civilization, wants to spend time alone with nature, to get the new experience, emotions, and impressions, but not ready to have a rough time and suffer hardships of adventures.
Interior of the geodesic dome 50 m2
We are at the international tourism market which became the fastest growing industry worldwide in 2017 overtaking industrial production (4.2%), retail and wholesale trade (3.4%), agriculture, forestry and fishing (2.6%), and financial services (2.5%). Tourism is one of the three largest export industries, comparable in terms of investment efficiency to the oil and gas industry and the automotive industry whose share in world exports is 11% and 8.6%, respectively (WTTC).

In 2017, explosive growth of a number of glampings occurred. Over the past three years, more than 3,000 campings have been created in France only; in Europe, currently, there are more than 10,000 campings; and, according to Google searches, the interest in this topic has increased by 700%.
Forecast of the global glamping market
Market size, $
Annual growth
of the global glamping market
Our target is to build a network of 400 premium glampings in various countries of the world within 10 years. We want to make travels comfortable, so that every person could get bright emotions and new experiences.

Our mission is to make travels comfortable, so that every person could get bright emotions and new experiences.

Our strategy is to become leaders in the industry of hospitality in nature. We are an IT company, and using the up-to-date IT and hardware technologies we want to create an international network of smart glamping hotels, automate the business management using our own IT system, introduce the advanced technologies based on renewable energy sources, careful attitude towards nature, energy saving, safe materials, and artificial intelligence. We also plan to develop our own IoT devices, solar and hydro panels, fuel cells, highly efficient compact heating stoves, staff-free reception technology, autonomous smart modules made of composite, and our own line of clothing and equipment for tourism under the JB brand.

Our basic values: service and hospitality, fidelity, attention, responsibility, and timeliness.

Our customers: foreign and domestic tourists from 25 to 55 years of age with an average and high level of prosperity who want to get new impressions and emotions in nature, but prefer comfort and high-level service.
Current state of the project

At the moment, partners have been found, designing and production of accommodation modules have been launched, marketing researches and analysis and calculation of costs for opening points in 28 countries have been conducted, and the location for opening the first glamping has been selected (Georgia). The major investor and co-founder of the project, STARTLAB, invested $ 160,000 for the implementation of the first stage of the project.

Launching of one glamping requires from $ 150,000 to $ 300,000 depending on the level, number of rooms, and furnishing. Return on investment is 1−2 years.

We have an agreement on launching in Primorye (Russia, land on the island Russian and Gambling zone), signed an agreement with the region on cooperation and placement of the park on lake Baikal (Russia). There is an agreement with the Ministry of Tourism of Georgia (land), Italy (land), Spain; negotiations are conducted with Japan and Germany. We plan to enter Asia. The required area for one glamping is 2−3 ha.

Currently, we are considering investment proposals for the network development, the launch of new own glampings, franchise, and R&D. Investment may be made to the managing company or to certain glampings that is discussed individually. As a pledge, we transfer to the investor all assets of the glampings that were launched at his expense. Prior to the return of investment, the investor is paid a large part of the dividends in relation to the size of its share in the project in order to reduce the period of return of the invested money.
The project initiator

Amount of own funds
$ 160,000

Total cost of the project
$ 6,200,000 (30 glampings)

Implementation terms
Currently, we are launching our own park in Georgia. In 2020−2022, we plan to launch 6 parks in different countries and start to sell a franchise (or a similar scaling format). By 2029, the development of a network of up to 400 glampings, including franchisees.
If you have a question about investing in the Jewelberry Glamping network of glampings, fill out the form below and we will answer as quickly as possible.
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We write about glamping and plans for development
If you want to invest in the Jewelberry glamping network, or if you have questions and proposals, please, write to us.
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