Glamping is a new way of tourism, all-inclusive recreation in nature. Guests are to receive all the camping advantages without any downsides.
We grant emotions :)
Every day we try to do our best to make people's lives great and joyful.
About glamping
The "glamping" term is formed from "glamour" and "camping" combined. The closest meaning to it is "luxury retreat in nature". You will not need to set up a tent, battle huge mosquitoes, or force yourself to eat a hiking food ration. You will be provided with all the comforts you are used to, like hot shower, tidy bathroom (in a separate room, and not in the bushes), cozy bed, delicious food and all-right roof over your head – and all of that in a midst of marvelous scenery.
Why are we doing this?
We are creating a new culture of tourism with refined hospitality.
So you could delve into the scenery
Most of the recreational compounds are impossible to build in picturesque, but hard-to-reach spots, while camping park can be set on the edge of the world.
So you would feel the comfort
The usual tourist trails fail to provide the conditions which comprise the camping park philosophy.
So you wouldn't have to worry
Trekking organizers can sometimes cancel the journey due to lack of participants. But you can come to the camping park alone, and we will be there to make you delicious hot tea ;)
The year 2017 has seen an explosive growth of camping parks with hotel-like services
This tendency is supported by the following numbers: more than 1200 of premium camping parks were established in Europe alone in the last three years, and the scope of attention to the topic, according to Google searches, is up by 700%

$8,27 trillion - the market volume of tourism in World.
Camping park
Anywhere in the world
Camping park can be quickly established in any picturesque spot
Feels like home
Hot shower, tidy bathroom, cozy bed, delicious food and a roof over your head
No matter the circumstances
We will welcome even one person is case the group did not manage to gather
This is a unique and growing business in Russia and the world
The perfect combination of nature and comfort – in each and every detail
Happiness, friendship, peace, joy, harmony, camping ;)

How did it start?
We have tested a number of formats and discovered some awesome solutions
Development roadmap
The first camping park
Launch of the unique recreational compound, manufacturing hiking equipment, developing autonomous domes with composite materials and flexible solar modules.
Attracting investors and partners
Structuring a financial model for the camping parks network, communicating with foundations and investors.
PR and active marketing
Launching the PR campaign in search engines and social networks, working with bloggers and opinion leaders, active sales and media coverage.
Attracting tourists from abroad
Participating in exhibitions and forums in Asia-Pacific Region countries, working with travel companies from Asia, advertising to foreign tourists.
Selling the franchise and network development
Developing and arranging franchise contracts, developing the corresponding software, establishing new venues in Russia and abroad.
Events and education
Large domes allow to organize the wider range of events from concerts and training forums to weddings and birthday parties.
Tourism network
A network of compact, cozy and warm dome hotels is ready to welcome guests from around the world on daily basis.
Trails, routes and adventures await. Enjoy the profound rest, away from city's blare and bustle, while in nature and with premium comfort.
Investment in a year-round camping park
Investments for one park
For establishing a park
Average monthly takings
Return on investment
— Dome module (accommodation capacity: 4 guests in comfort, 10 guests in extreme)
— Interior: bed, armchairs, table, furnace, bed sheets, fixtures, etc.
— Exterior: flooring, underfloor heating, fairy lights, table, grill, etc.
— Shower cubicles, bathrooms and boiler room
— Assembly
10 modules x $9,033

— Lounge dome module (admission capacity: 160 to be standing, 108 to be seated)
— Kitchen and cutlery, grill, tables, chairs, armchairs, beanbags, etc.
— Floor-space: 225 m2
— Height: 7 m
— Assembly
Reception, lounge area
— Bathhouse and open swimming pool
— Additional equipment: laptop, projector, illumination, decorations, etc.
— Pest repelling equipment
— A car
— A generator
For one park
— Reception and security payroll in the first months
— Land lease for a year
— Bloggers
— Paid search (Yandex, Google)
— Advertising in social networks (VK, FB, Instagram)
— Media coverage
Reach up to 100 000 people
Business Model
— ADR (average daily rate) = $150
— Room supply = 10 dome modules (accommodation of 4)
— Accommodation days in a month = 30
— Occupancy = 50%
— Guests in a month = 450
— Additional income per guest = $15
— RevPAC (average on a guest) = $65
— RevPAR (average on a module) = $75
+ $29,250
$150 x 10 x 30 x 0,5 + $15 x 450

— ADR = $1,500
— Room supply = 1 lounge dome module (up to 160 guests)
— Accommodation days in a month = 9
— Occupancy = 50%
— Guests in a month = 315
+ $6,750
$1,500 x 9 x 50%
— Land lease = $1,500 and up
— Electricity and heating = $1,500
— Payroll (1 general manager, 2 receptionists, 2 security, SMM) = $4,500
— Amortization 15% = $1,684
— Promotion = $750
- $10,100
— Revenue = $29,250
— Expenditures = $10,100
+ $19,150
Before tax
+ $183,830
This business model is calculated for 12 months with average annual occupancy of 50% and 20% income tax.

* The total income does not include potential revenue from events.

Return on business 52%
Investor's ROE (considering the share) 62%
Budgeted investments in the international camping network
Investments in the project
In 3 years
486 000 PEOPLE
Customer flow
Projected income from 30 parks in 3 years
Projected revenue from 30 parks in 3 years
Our team
This team is in charge of making people's lives great and joyful, and spreading the culture of camping parks around the world.
CTO, Co-Founder,
IT and Hi-Tech entrepreneur, tourist, traveler, organizer and leader of extreme hiking routes in Russia and abroad. More than 10 years of experience.
+7 (914) 550 16 11
Developing international expansion strategies, planning
+7 (924) 308 40 40
Software and automation, Co-Founder, Managing IT projects and project development teams.
Art Director, Photographer, traveler, culturologist, entrepreneur, dreamer. Had his first camping experience when he was 12.
Our guests' feedback
#campingpark has won my heart with its comfort! Every and each and all little things are thought through – including bed sheets with warm blankets, lanterns with festive garlands, carpets and even a portable furnace for heating up the tent! I remembered the camping park as a fireplace, and hiking songs, and fireworks echoing among the mountains, and stunning view upon climbing on cliffs, and so friendly and supportive group of campers. THANK YOU so much for the unforgettable experience!
Irina Zubareva
I used to think that camping is always a whole lot of equipment, long preparation and training. But it's different with camping park – I would say, totally different. You get almost everything you might need: tents, beds, EVEN bed sheets, soft blankets and pillows. The only things you will need to bring along are warm clothes and personal-care. And this approach totally rips apart all stereotypes in your head, and you eventually lay back and realize, how fre… how perfect it is. And you just unwind and relax.
Alexander Fesenko
It's the most comfy place out of all camping parks. I was so thrilled with small flags. I always wanted flags like these in the camps. It's a small thing, but you know what they say – it's all about the small things.
I celebrated the Forester Day in the forest, climbed on the rocks and spent a night in the tent – for the first time in my life! Thanks to the team and Django the dog for the awesome retreat! It seems like I have a new hobby now :)
Nastia Kisel
Went camping with my beloved @yazzzzzva on the weekend, and emotions are so lit that you can't catch them on photo!
You sit and… you recline, and relax, and you look afar… And it's so stunningly beautiful that everything you don't need just rush away from your head! Stop taking pills, stop laying on your bed, go camping – this is the best medicine! Besides, you may meet a psychiatrist during your stay in the camping to help you out )))
Another comfy visit to the camping park. It felt so nice to come to the comfortable, homelike camping after a long journey on foot.
Andrey Zubarev
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+7 (914) 550 16 11 / Vitaliy
+7 (924) 308 40 40 / Dmitry

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